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WP Engine Acquires Frost, the WordPress Theme

WP Engine puts another theme into their portfolio. They had acquired several themes over the past years. With this new theme, they are jumping into the Full-Site Editing part of the new WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg)

If you did not know, WP Engine acquired some of the popular themes:

  • Array Themes
  • Genesis Framework

I have yet to try the Frost theme so I did not know if it was a premium one or not. Since the acquisition, WP Engine put Frost definitely for free. They did that before as well. In past, the Genesis framework was a premium framework.

Once they acquired Genesis, they put the basic framework, out there for free which is how they also give back to the WordPress community.

In 2020, WP Engine also acquired Block Lab. Block Lab is a plugin that was used to create new custom blocks with ease and without too much code. WP Engine is definitely tackling the Block editor with those 2 acquisitions.

The author of Frost theme, Brian Gardner, has joined WP Engine past fall.

By open-sourcing Frost and focusing on Full Site Editing, we hope to encourage a community of builders to experiment with the expanding capabilities of the block editor. Given this is the future of WordPress, we believe in its potential and look forward to helping it grow. But like any open source project, it takes a village, and we invite you to join us in making that growth possible.

You can read the announcement article: WP Engine Adds Frost to Open Source WordPress Project.

I can only assume there will be a lot of new acquisitions in 2022 around Gutenberg products.

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