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WP Acquisitions was created in 2021 due to the large number of acquisitions happening in recent years. I love such content and events because it shows WordPress as an even more serious platform for building a business on.

In the beginning of this idea, I had in mind creating resources for acquisitions and also a way for others to sell their own businesses such as WordPress plugins.

After a few weeks of buying the domain and thinking of starting it, FlipWP was launched. I was prepared for it, because Iain, a great person as he is, contacted me and asked me what I was thinking of doing with the domain. Because they were building it and it was ready to launch.

So, even though, they are a more serious platform on acquisitions, I decided to provide a simple way to list your business and sell it. This site is here just to list your business and those interested in it, will contact you directly.

This site is also built to report on new acquisitions, sharing experiences, and blog about anything related to it.

The site is run by Igor Benić, a WordPress developer who also runs: