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Welcome to WordPress Acquisitions

In the recent few years, there was a great number of acquisitions happening around the WordPress community.

We have seen acquisitions around plugins, theme shops, hosting and even tools that are used inside of WordPress community and businesses.

WP Acquisitions was created to bring you the latest news on acquisitions and everything else that has to do with businesses that work with WordPress.

What can you expect from this site?

You can expect to:

  • learn new acquisitions have happened,
  • learn about past acquisitions,
  • interviews with those that acquired businesses,
  • connect with those that have sold their businesses,
  • learn where and how you can sell your business,
  • sell your own business.

We have a lot of ideas for this site and we’ll try to do our best to accomplish them all.

The first thing alongside content, we’ll focus on providing you an easy alternative way for selling or buying a WordPress business. We will also try to produce a quality podcast to cover news and interesting WordPress products.

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